Headshot Photography for Aither

I was recently commissioned by Aither to capture a series of naturally lit headshots, in a aim to match the friendly faces & personalities of the staff, to their brand. We developed a series of portraits, shot in house and around the surrounds of Melbourne CBD and Canberra, to be used in a number of different resources, included their new website and on Linkedin.

Missy Higgins Tour Images


My heart always skips a beat when I see my images published.

I took some portraits of Missy Higgins (who was an absolute delight to shoot!), for her upcoming tour.


Thankyou x Sarah Kelk x Kim Landy Exhibition - A collaboration for impact.


The energy at last weeks launch of Thankyou's Collaboration for impact was out of this world!

It was an honour to be able to share stories of empowerment and hope on the ideas panel with artist Sarah Kelk, Pete Yao (CIO), Sarah Prescott (CMO) hosted by the wonderful Alice Zaslavsky & to be able to exhibit stills and a short film from our most recent trip to Bangladesh and my 8th trip with Thankyou. 

I'm still pinching myself that I get to work for organisations like these guys. They have raised $5.8mil and aid provided to over 785,000 people in developing countries over the past decade.


Ever thought about personal branding photography?


Recently, Fiona contacted me to shoot some portraits for her new website called The Upswing.

We spent around 3 hours gallivanting around Melbourne shooting in a variety of locations, with a few outfit changes.

Fiona saw the crucial role that photography plays in developing the personality of her brand. The stills will be used in her future content (social media platforms, newsletters, website & more).

If you are needing branding photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me today for a 15 minute consultation around how I can help you.


Beyond Blue Active April Campaign


Beyond Blue invited me to shoot stills for their Active April campaign.

We rallied together the lovely staff members of BB to get out of the office to do some stretching, star jumps and other things to get the body moving!


Behind the scenes - Trip to India with Opportunity International


A few behind the scene shots from Jaipur & Nagpur in India. 

Cheersing (fresh milk) to being in India. Loving the colours, sounds, people and not to mention the FOOD! Garlic naan will be the death of me...

Opportunity Australia has brought me here to create some photo and video content and I'm in my element!


Incredible India - 3rd - 16th of March

This weekend I am very lucky to be able to fly to India for a few weeks, with an organization called Opportunity International. They provide microloans to families enabling children to attend school and to put food on the table regularly.

It's my third time visiting India to do documentary photography and now I am also branching out into the filmmaking world, as I think they go hand in hand!

I look forward to sharing the content that I get to create over there.

Pass A Ball - Changing the game for good.

December was spent in one of my favourite places, Kathmandu, Nepal with an organization called PARK SCC .

They run a one for one, soccer ball business based in Melbourne, with an awesome focus on great design and a simple message of giving underprivileged children around the world a little bit of joy by providing them with soccer balls.


Quad Lock - Behind the scenes

Last week I was commissioned to shoot stills for a Melbourne based company called Quad Lock. The shoot was over a 9 day period, aiming to capture all of the different capabilities of the product.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of me and filmmaker, Jacob Williams, in some tricky situations! Anything to get the shot!

Bupa Digital

I'm really stoked to have worked alongside the team from Bupa Australia & New Zealand on some #headshot and #workplace photography for their new careers website. Special mention goes out to Josh Janssen from Full Stack Films for being a delight to work with! You can check out the new #video and #stills by following this link - http://www.bupa.com.au/careers/digital


Beyond Blue - Head's Up Program

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Beyond Blue, shooting for their online resource called Heads Up. We did the photoshoot in one day, over a 6 hour period. No models were used, all real life workers! Attached below are an example of a few of the stills from the shoot.

You can view more information and see some more photos by following this link -


Second Home Exhibition

Huge dreams were ticked off the list last night, mostly because of these two backing me every step of the way. I feel humbled from the turn out and positive response from last nights exhibition and film screening. We couldn't have done this without you. Much love x


"The party soon found themselves on the sea-shore; and lingering only as all must linger and gaze..." Jane Austin